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Why your donations matter.

Since the occupation of East Turkestan by the Chinese Communist regime in 1949, the Uyghur people have been deprived of their human rights and forced to live under the iron fist of the Chinese government. The Uyghurs was severely destroyed by the Chinese colonists. The national and religious identities of the Uyghurs have been subject to targeted extinction. The Uyghurs today face the brutal slaughter of Chinese colonialism and the danger of extinction. For this purpose, concentration camps were established, millions of people were detained, policies of forced sterilization were implemented, children were deprived of their parents and Chineseized.

The Uyghur Studies Center was established in order to announce the above brutalities and oppressions that the people of East Turkestan are exposed to to the world. It is a non-profit organization based on research and investigation, based on the development of the language, religion and culture of the Uyghurs, and the disclosure of Chinese crimes against humanity to the world through the facts. Our organization carries out its activities with the support of yours. We need more of your help to conduct comprehensive research on the Uyghurs, to make the Uyghur genocide more widely known, and in short, to take our vision of the national existence of the Uyghurs to a higher level. We want our activities to continue with your donations.

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